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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  September 17, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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all day long crews have been working inside and residents have been going inside try to sift through the rubble and get some of their belongings. pg&e crews have been out here doing what they can to clean up the alliance before the possibility of rain this weekend. it isn't as work that's been done here in the glass so if you take a look around the neighborhood a lot of the homes nearby a they have green tags that say they're structurally sound. a lot of these homes do have smoke damage so cleanup crews what's been done there. >> some residents her front window looks right out into the glass all she ended up with some major smoke damage in her home crews quickly got to work cleaning up her home. if they have giants fans with filters that are sucking out some of the smoke from the home and also filter in the air. crews have sealed off one of the bedrooms in her home because debris from the fire broke through the roof
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and landed inside. they're testing it for asbestos but they explain the work that's been done in her home. >> this pro came in with the sponges when the web of the spongy conceal line with this that is stuck on the wall and ceiling. i couldn't see it till he showed me. the washing down all the walls sparkle power washed the outside and repaints the last two nights we stayed with the air purifiers to put to of them in the living room for us. and they're walking from the back of the house out. they say it may take up to a week. >> even homes a few blocks away the don't seem to have the outside damage seemed to have said and smoke damage in crews of the working inside those homes as well. ms. city residents in this neighborhood telling me that pg&e is that she walking up and down the street going door-to-door and meeting with residents and giving them those relief checks and check in their idea is making sure they are residents here. and giving
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them the relief checks from the $100 million fund that's been set up for victims of course are no strings attached with this check. reporting live in san bruno kron 4 news. >> today residents in and around the explosion site were filled in by city officials on the plan to clean up the area. city and county is hired a contractor residents can work through the county assisi residents clean their. the clinic will be paid for by the county or they can hire a private contractor the early cyclicals start is next wednesday that only applies to the 37 homes that been destroyed. there's services planned for 20 year-old jessica morales was killed in the explosion. right now there's of you been held which will be followed by a vigil at 7:00 p.m. tonight. the events are being held at a mortuary in daly city. funeral service will take place at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night and she will be buried at 1:00 p.m. monday afternoon in clock. our developing oil story on the fatal car accident in novato it
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happened at nevada boulevard and filmed in canyon road in san and not it's between bowman can in. it collided with a big rig carrying cattle. this is a live picture with the curve this happened here is the accident scene you can see police officers measuring on nevada boulevard doing their best to investigate this accident. nevada boulevard's been closed since just after noon when this happened. if books that one of the cars may have been cleared. if we can take a live camera and turnaround you can get a better perspective of where these kids five high-school kids and a car were traveling. you can see that long stretch of road on a bottle boulevard where they travel down this road your looking into whether espy was a factor here and then they hit the scurf and the camera will take you right around the curve in were those
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officers are or where the accident happened. kron 4 jeff bush as an out there today he has more. >> the crash happened just before noon a bmw with by people in it were traveling westbound police say the car was traveling at an estimated speed of 80 mi. an hour on a road with a 50 mi. an hour speed limit according to witnesses the car lost control going around a corner and spun out in the path of a big rig carrying a load of cattle which was traveling in the opposite direction. the rig in the car collided in the bmw was knocked into a nearby field one of the occupants died instantly at the scene and two others were transported to a hospital by helicopter and the other two were carried off in an ambulance. if the occupants of the bmw or halt i school age and went to the bottle high officers say in addition to speed alcohol might of been a factor because alcohol containers were found in the car. the accident shut down a bottle boulevard for most of the day while police investigated the accident. the driver of the truck suffered minor injuries but as you can
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imagine is shaken up over the whole ordeal. >> >> a live look at outside from our roof cam over downtown san francisco finally starting to see a few sunbreaks out there this afternoon the fog has been so denser the morning. temperatures did air coolers the storm takes aim on the bay area. about the same in san francisco and half moon bay but cooler in the north bay and cooler in our inland spots in cooler down in the south bay right now. that's take a look at our satellite picture the fog over san francisco it's been crazy of there today. for a misty a special along the coast as well. he could see the clouds tapering off as they get off shore but up to the north that's where the storm is in it was weak on by. the first of the two you can see right here this is the tail end of the storm breaking up as it approaches the bay area. it's the sec wants in offshore that's when asleep on by saturday night into sunday that will bring us the chance for some showers.
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let's take a look at tonight into tomorrow the fog starting back in and over night tonight into tomorrow morning-in dense fog and drizzle for tomorrow we'll cloudy conditions that will follow in to the afternoon and a slight chance of showers. at about six or 7:00 it's going to push in after that overnight saturday night into sunday. we'll talk more about the rain coming up in just a bit. >> the north bank coast amounts were showers are expected also happens to be one country kron 4 rob explains early rain could be bad news for much of the still ripening wind >> wine growers around the region are keeping one eye on the sky and other here on their grape crop. rain showers expected this week and for parts of the bay area and the santa cruz mountains anything but we'll come right out. the spaniard in saratoga has bird netting right now to keep the birds out that's assigned for starting to write to not but if you taste one of these grapes are still just a bit part right
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now so that ways to go several more weeks perhaps any kind of rain in moisture that's only going to slow the process down. ideally wine growers will harvest until october but that could change depending on how much rain we actually get grapes don't like the moisture as a rule making get inside the tight clusters and brought the fruit from the inside out. the harvest of chardonnay and sauvignon and other white grape varieties as i is already underway in some vineyards as growers look to get a crop in the head of the rain. santa cruz mountains when gore tells me anything more than a half-inch of rain right now could delay the ripening process for as long as two weeks depending on the bridey the location of the vineyard and on top of the unseasonably cool summer we've had great doubt it could mean the worst case scenario that some will get right all and the fruit will be left on the vines. the entire crop loss this season in saratoga rob kron 4 news. >>
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>> live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza it's definitely friday the left- handed your side of your screen the toll plaza people coming and before they hit the upper deck of the bay bridge and it slow going a typical friday traffic. the right-hand side of your traffic smooth and the to the direction 80 headed east bound. we'll be right back.
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today chile's government said a bore hole for the eventual rescue. officials now plan to widen the hole so the minors can be pulled through it. if that effort is likely to take more than six weeks the minors have been trapped since august 5th. the mother of natalie holloway was the missing 2005 yourn vander slipped she said she went to approve him in jail and spoke to him he's charged with killing a woman in peru and suspected in the disappearance of natalie holloway. the reason
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for the visit she would let him know that she hasn't got away and determined to get answers. six men behind bars in connection with a suspected terrorist threat against pope benedict the rest were made in britain were benedictus is this thing right now. the vatican said the pope was to worried remained calm five men and its agents range from 26 to 50 were arrested at a business in london a sixth person was arrested later at his home. big changes this weekend as the storm pushes for the bay area showers expected saturday into sunday. hold on it out on future cast a look at rental totals coming up a few minutes.
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a major plot has been uncovered and muni's new fare date. kron 4 stanley roberts was there with his discovery happen in the store you will see only a kron 4.
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normally i report on other people behaving badly, but today it is going to be me. i am about to tell tens of thousands of muni riders how they can ride muni for free. yes you hear me for free. while shooting a segment on fair evaders at muni civic center station someone pointed out to me an exploitable flaw in the system. apparently these muni gates will open with nothing more than a wave of your hand. so ether you can wave your clipper card or wave your hand. apparently after spending millions of tax payers' dollars to install this new clipper fair system all the bugs have not yet been worked out. because simply waving your hand across these censers allow you access. >> so if someone sticks there hand on the censer it obviously opens it up making fairs for free. >> james bryant is a union rep from muni station agents, who just happened to be present when the flaw was discovered. don't get me wrong, there are other ways to exploit the system like piggy backing off another paying customer, but a flaw that allows riders access by just
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waving your hand if not corrected could cost muni millions. for the record although i am showing you this flaw, it is illegal to ride muni without first paying your fair. >> now that i have this ticket kron 4, i am going to ride muni. >> it is called fair evasion, and that is illegal. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron4 news. spoke to a muni about the problem this is the first he heard of the problem years we had to say. >> the bottom line is this is derivation will not only monitor it but will pursue those who violate our policy were spending more half personnel of here to evaluate the situation and to crack down on those who evade our fares. >> get the sense that a nation will get worse with these new dates? >> it was easy to evade fares in their old fare gates this is one problem will deal with when you're dealing with the
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transportation agency. would have to deal with the issue of derivation since the fanfare. this is something that's not new to us put these targets are will adjust to whatever problem may arise in this is one of those problems. >> muni also said there might be a straightforward fix since the device you with your hand in front of what is free entry is really a safety mechanism that's designed to keep the gate for slamming on you. >> coming up at 5 stan roberts had back to me to investigate if anyone is that should try to evade paying their fair by simply waving their hands. a house fire and how well tow cost evacuation this morning if the fire started at 7:00 a.m. at this two-story avenue house near highway 1 01. homes in the neighborhood were evacuated but there were no injuries. the cause is still under way that may be attributed to to an unattended can go. recommendations for curbing night light violence have been
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submitted they include video surveillance, metal detectors and id scanners for driver's license informations for two weeks. please also suggest the club's security be registered with the state the mayor had requested the recommendation because of the recent string of night life violence. >> big changes roll for this weekend as the storm approaches the bay area. it will start tomorrow as we see increased moisture and of course cloud cover through the bay area will feel a little muddy because of the moisture. a chance of showers in the north bay in the evening but merely the raid will come early sunday morning for most of the bay area cooler temperatures will prevail for the weekend as% sunday as the storm pushes through. a look and storm tracker you can see the first band of rain causing showers up to the north breaking apart of it as it approaches the bay area. there is a second band of rain one right here that will approach a saturday into sunday morning. but still put future cast for what were expecting the rain will not be as uniform as
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it originally looked. showers approaching santa rosa watch how progresses until later morning hour is the band of rain by a.m. looks uniform but as we push and later morning hours it starts to break up a little bit. to 10:00 a.m. showers to the north bay south of the golden gate and along the coastline and that's really not all that much at noon some lingering showers or the north bay but that's pretty much going to be had it's quite a push out after this the rainfall totals are not quite a bit at a press appeared to such a wide range in the north bay because the rain will be little more expensive but to the north is so the match and could see little warmer because of the higher terrain. most a quarter inch in the north bay not even the much down in the south bay not very impressive rainfall total but to we shouldn't be seeing rain this early. a look at your kron 47 day around the bay forecast
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this weekend. were going to see the rain and of course cooler conditions cloudy skies but as we head into next week, air- conditioned and slit their warmer conditions are expected to prevail for the week. >> in national news crews are working on the final step to seal the well for good in the gulf of mexico they're pumping cement after connecting a relief well to the blown up one early in the week. the work comes in hopes of a permit effects which bp expects to be completed in less than 24 hours. it's been more than four months since crews tried tapping the lead for good. in colorado and helicopter filling it out be on a test run crashed in drink for people on board. but the video the scene there it happened at about a mile south of the some of pikes peak read 730 this morning a share for official said the pilot was critically injured and in the three passengers suffered non life- threatening injuries. authorities are trying to figure out the cause of the crash. in mexico her king carl has hit the
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gulf coast near the city the category 3 storm has toppled trees and power poles and look at those waves. the winds weakened to 9 mi. an hour carle is expected to travel across central mexico city and in the meantime in the atlantic hurricane ecorse wind have weakened to 150 mi. an hour. a live look good sizoutside the jk the two lanes are merging 1 01 southbound they're slowly moving along there. we'll be right back.
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arrested today for threatening a school children on a school bus was caught on surveillance video if >> james jones use his mug shot here he confronted and threatened a kid who allegedly taunted head and threw condoms at his 11 year-old daughter who has repro palsy. if the stick a look at the tape.
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>> after he was released on bail he defended his actions and my daughter is not going to be pays to be out and touched on like what they've done. jones' lawyers said the girl is currently on suicide watch because of the incident. to watch the entire surveillance did it for yourself as our whats on the what sectional >> live look good side look of fog the golden gate bridge still going coming into the city not that much better is the head into iran over the bay bridge toll plaza on the less chance that your screen a typical friday evening traffic. moving well in the right-hand side of your screen heading eastbound. will be right back with kron 4
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i this is kron 4 news at 5:00. the deadly accident in novato one person is dead and four others seriously injured after a collision on a bottle boulevard near coleman canyon. it happened just before noon reggie is live in nevada with a look at what happened. richie. >> the investigators are still near the scene if you take a look over my shoulder you will see investigators are still at the curved area of nevada boulevard that is where the actual accident happened. you can see chp officers are still out here on the scene like this said the road is closed and traffic is backed up for several miles. the semi truck that was hit in the accident is located over here you can see it right here in this side of the road there. kron 4 jeff bush gives


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